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Born in New York City, raised in London and Calcutta by an Ancient Great Aunt, the author misspent her youth devouring books on medical and military history, absorbing the Classics, and listening to first-hand tales of the Raj from antique relatives. Each side of her family has a four century history in East India as tea planters, in shipping, and in the military.

A long-time biographee of Marquis Who's Who, she served for thirty-five years as the Charge Scenic Artist of the Tony Award winning American Conservatory Theater and an additional six years as a scenic artist of the San Francisco Opera.

…Mostly harmless


The novel "Baby Snakes" has won the 2019 annual Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Literary Fiction.


Winner of 2023 Book Excellence Award for Historical Fiction


"This was written with the style and grace of a classic novel -- reading it feels like unearthing an ancient treasure... This is a beautiful story with extravagantly beautiful language..."


"Sensual in spirit, sensational in action, witty in intellect… Dark humor and an evocative tone underlie a thoroughly engaging plot that will keep readers turning page after page to discover what happens next.

An engaging look into the past filled with suspense and intrigue carried by a uniquely original voice. Highly recommended!"



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Baby Snakes is an original take on the Raj, full of wry humor, strong characters, and evocative descriptions that linger. Full-bodied characters and a darkly comedic narrative voice combine in Demarest Campbell's Baby Snakes, a historical novel in which Brits behave badly under the Raj...Descriptions of people and locales blend dark humor with undercurrents of openhearted empathy and reach near-brilliant concision...
Campbell's darkly humorous historical novel follows the iconoclastic life of Cordelia Moran in 19th-century Calcutta. These well-drawn, decidedly British characters spend their steamy days in India in erudite, witty repartee... An elegant examination of the people and mores of a particular time and place in the history of the British Empire; perfect for anglophiles.
Fans of old-school classics like “Jane Eyre” and “Wuthering Heights” will fall in love with the dream-like prose here...The life cycle of this singular family felt entirely organic and deeply human. A uniquely delightful tale!..
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